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Grandparent's Day  
Sunday, September 12, 2010, 1:00 PM
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A chance for seniors to spring a surprise on grown or still-growing kids – or for grown kids to entertain their elders! A leisurely walk on flat ground will reveal unexpected secrets of San Bruno, next to San Francisco Bay, where one of the mountain’s three 5000 year-old shell mounds lies hidden in the folds of wonderful Buckeye Canyon. Ancient ice age plant survivors hug the mountaintop, and endangered butterflies cling to life.

The scope of the Bay Area, of San Francisco, and a view of ocean and bay will give you a new perspective of our Bay Area home at the edge of the continent.

Location: meet at the parking lot of the San Bruno Mountain State Park Directions: from Highway 101, take the Bayshore Blvd/Brisbane exit. Continue on Bayshore Boulevard to Guadalupe Canyon Parkway. Turn West toward the mountain, and go to the park entrance. From Hwy 280, take Mission Street exit. Go north on Mission Street to Market Street. Turn right, and proceed northeast. At Guadalupe Canyon Parkway, turn right and go eastbound to the park entrance.

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Cost: Free. Sponsored by San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservancy

Reservations: Contact Ginny Anderson, at 650-323-4494, or freyjand@comcast.net

Invitation: any group who would like to arrange a similar event, contact Ginny, at 650-323-4494 or freyjand@comcast.net