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Since 1991, annual pilgrimages to sacred mountains that surround San Francisco Bay have been introducing participants to profound interactions with the Spirit of Place. The mountains form a container for our journeys; each site providing its own source of inspiration, guidance for personal exploration. People discover new ways to move through the territory, learning to expand sensory awareness and increase sensitivity to communication with the land itself. Through the plant people, the stone people, trees, animals, birds, through the geology and the human history of sites, the sites anchor the palpably unique atmosphere of the Bay Area.

Ecopsychology, nature spirituality, personal healing and transformation weave into the history of sacred sites in the SF Bay Area. Through shamanic journeys, walking meditations, story-telling, guided visualizations, fire ceremony, and more, we come into a sense of belonging, anchored and at home in the Bay Area. We receive nourishment and belonging, learn of the reciprocity called for.

Rounding a corner: A Circle of Change
Many Bay Area residents have come to Silicon Valley anticipating a transformation in their lives. We come seeking California's gold, in whatever form that takes – a new career, a new kind of community, a move away from old imprints.

The community itself is rapidly changing under our very feet, but the unchanging constant underlying our lives is the Earth. Here in Silicon Valley, we live in a force field that's fed by the land itself - by the very stones of the earth and the water flowing through the land. It's a force field shaped also by the climate and patterns of weather, by the plants and animals who share the space. Not only are we affected by the people who live here now, but also others who lived here in the past, and marked it with their choices.

How, then, do wecome to belong? Since 1991, annual pilgrimages to sacred mountains that surround San Francisco Bay have been introducing participants to profound interactions with the Spirit of Place.

In the journeys that follow, we'll intensify the experience of belonging - making ourselves fully at home in Silicon Valley. Spending more time on the land itself, we'll discover how to sink our roots into the fertile soil in the Valley of Heart's Delight and its environs.

Come into relationship with the deep Spirit of Place. Discover ways of connecting profoundly with this moment, this place, with the body in which your own spirit abides.

Mindfulness becomes the starting point. Opening all our senses, our capacity to reach outward into the space around us, into the visionary space that each of us carries within, we will become more fully present.

We travel through poetry, song, through shamanic journeying, age-old story-telling, and tales of place.We invite you to become more fully present in this lovely place we consider our home.

Eco-psychologist and shamanic guide Ginny Anderson has led spiritual journeys to the Andes, in Alaska and Canada. She's climbed numerous mountains in the Pacific Northwest, trekked in Nepal, traveled in South America, in the Pacific Rim and in India, and from England to North Africa, She's worked as a psychologist at U.C. Davis, Stanford University, and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology; she's currently in private practice in the Bay Area.

Corinne London is a Licensed Psychotherapist who has done personal ritual for over a decade. She is a leader in a women's group using ritual in nature for personal growth & development. She has spent time in Peru and Africa doing spiritual pilgrimages, has completed vision quests on Mt Shasta, and participated in groups in the San Francisco Bay Area working with the spirits of the mountains and water. She encourages people to engage nature as a way of reflecting and healing what is happening internally with the psyche.

Will Allen-DuPraw is a photographer and storyteller who most enjoys exploring and capturing the beauty of the world in all its forms. A recent graduate of Brown University where he created his own major called Visual Storytelling, he is now in based in Santa Cruz. Currently he works as the Photography Intern at Island Conservation, a non-governmental organization which prevents extinctions by removing invasive species from islands around the world. He also has two summers of experience working as an outdoor adventure camp counselor in Maryland where he helped connect a largely urban and suburban youth demographic connect with nature. To sample his photographic work, visit his website: willallendupraw.com.

Saturday April 23 at Kirby Cove
Saturday May 7 at Bayfront Park in Menlo Park
Saturday May 21 at San Bruno Mountain near Brisbane

Visit the EVENTS page for details on each journey.

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Cost: Suggested donation $60 per session.

To apply for participation, please email something about your current quest, and whether meditation or shamanic journeying play a part in it. What attracts you to this journey? contact Ginny by clicking HERE or phone 650-323-4494

Whether or not you've had a chance to participate in Circling San Francisco Bay, or in Daniel Foor's work at these sacred sites, please read my award-winning book, "Circling San Francisco Bay: A Pilgrimage to Wild and Sacred Places". Amazon.com provides book availability and reviews. Finalist in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year competition, the book also received Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice awards. Reading it will provide a foundation for working with these sites. If you have not had an experience of shamanic journeying, please let me know when you inquire about participation in this circle. An opportunity to do this preparation will be arranged.