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In this incredible period of human history, women are emerging from cocoons of former roles and assumptions about ourselves. We begin to understand some of the patterns, and find ways to alter them. We are evolving new human relationships. We’re re-discovering the importance and means of communication with other families of life sharing the planet with us.  With the perspective of this point in time, we are participating in the transformation of heavy energy created in the past that impacts our lives today, the generations to follow, and the well-being of the Earth.

A series of events exploring this new feminine balance will take place over the next few months, - some at places of power that surround San Francisco Bay, and others in the protected setting of a beautiful garden. There will be time for silence, for listening and receiving new forms of communication; there will be opportunities to take in unsung beauty in the natural world, to tend places that bear morphic resonance from past events.

I will take you to the Mother, for support, guidance, healing – and the need to be healed. You will find delight in the natural world, and learn how to engage in the reciprocity that supports all of life on the Earth. There will be dialogue and dancing, walking meditations, art and story-telling, singing and guided visualizations. This tapestry will help pluck threads that are part of your lineage, part of our experiences thus far, and part of your dreams, and weave a new creation.

Cost: $35 per session, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Our primary goal is to foster ecopsychology and ecological awareness throughout the Bay Area. 10% reduction if you commit and pre-register for the series.

It is not necessary to attend all events. Click on any title for more information. Click HERE to read what others have said about Ginny's excursions. Click HERE for more information or to register.

March 19 - Kirby Cove: where San Francisco Bay begins, we’ll consider our arrival here, including our own beginnings.

April 16 - Mt. Tamalpais: experiment with a natural form of releasing toxic energy; witness and learn about the nature of reciprocity, and experience the power of stone.

May 7 - Ring Mountain: near Mother’s Day, we’ll sit beside ancient petroglyphs related to fertility, sifting the lineage we carry and what is to continue. Creating a group mesa, we’ll empower our individual work with the strength of the group.

May 29 - Mt. Diablo: vistas from the Center, both personal and in the physical world in which you live.

June 19 - Mt. Hamilton: celestial connections offer to expand the sense of your universe.

July 2 - San Bruno Mountain: with butterflies and plants who represent the last of their lineage, we’ll envision shaping our legacy.

Whether your family line ends with you, or you are simply alive at this time of transformation of life on the planet, you ARE the last of your lineage. All over the world, human beings are taking part in the transformation of life as we know it.

There, we will visit different environments which support the lives of three endangered butterflies. Through observation, through shamanic meditations, through explorations of biomimicry – we’ll “debrief” butterflies, plants, animals and birds in relation to the wisdom they carry. We’ll follow their guidance to recall and examine messages we carry from the lineage of our parents and grandparents; we’ll check out the usefulness of their expectations, their ways of support, whether what has been in the past serves us in the present and in the future.