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After Mother's Day Event:

It truly was a memorable evening. I will be thinking of the threads that were woven together for some months to come. How enlightening it would be to compare a similar circle for several generations. What surprised me most was how personally connected I felt to every single story. What I also noticed is how rich it was that there were a fair number of elders present. And I did feel some strength coming my way So thank you for such a deep and meaningful experience. Love and appreciation to you also. - Barbara

It was particularly precious for me to be there with my mom and she expressed incredible gratitude for a very insightful, heartfelt and moving evening. - Gail Slocum

A heartfelt thank you to you for having this gathering. It made Mothers Day special for me and I loved the sharing. I went to bed feeling better than I had in the last few weeks. - C.

Thank you so much for this wonderful evening of sharing. I was more moved than I expected to be and had no clue when I started out that I would share what I shared. I expected to talk about something much less wrenching and more reflective. You just never know! - S. Williamson  

After San Bruno Shell Mound Walk:

Alisa found me after school and was just glowing at how transformed she felt by the experience of the hike with you today. She described sitting by the stream and marveled at how deep your knowledge is, how wonderful your storytelling, how much the experience enhanced her appreciation of everything around us in the Bay Area. I was so pleased! Thanks so much, again, for your generosity in offering this hike to our community. The ladies you led today will spread the word about you, count on it. Whether that benefits you professionally or connects more people to the environment or, ideally, both, I couldn't be more appreciative.Best to you! - Ellen 

Thank you so very much for guiding us on a very awe-inspiring tour of Mt. San Bruno. Both Eva and I (as well as our friends) are very grateful that you offered the mountain and your wisdom and gentle stewardship of our Bay Area and all of the life here (including the human inhabitants). Eva and I are very interested in continuing to walk with you and perhaps to share it with our friends in the Peninsula School community. We will be imagining ways that we can continue to meet with you. Many many thanks, we've only just begun to see. : ) Alisa Tu and Eva Jones 

 After Freyja- The Godess of Love

"Thank you Ginny - in many ways Freyja's journey was my own this year, illuminated by your stories and mountain walks." 

"Thank you so much for an amazing day! I very much enjoyed your telling of the Freya story and hope to hear the rest of it soon!"

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"New therapy improves mental health through counseling sessions in nature"